Unleash the power of teams

We are born to collaborate. Let us learn again how.

We have got it all wrong. This image of man being a wolf unto man, the caveman restrained from untold crimes by a social contract. Egoistic individuals striving for their own wealth and security. A thin veneer of civilization preventing us from being at each other's throats. Requiring rigid Command and Control in order to get something done.

It is just not true. During WWII, both sides bombed each other to 'break morale', hoping to disrupt the other side's civilization and see descent into chaos. Did not happen. Under stress and difficult circumstances, most people will help others. That is who we really are (Bregman, Human Kind).

We are, by nature, in our DNA, through evolution, fundamentally collaborative. We are good at it. Had to, otherwise we would not have survived as a species. More than that, our brain rewards us if we are nice, altruistic, collaborative. Children are often even better at it, but we train them to become individuals looking out for themselves.

In real life, most of us want to work together in well functioning, professional teams to build great products or offer high quality services for the customer. Working together in a so-called high performance team is one of the most enjoyable experiences around.

Agile working is based on teams. Self-organizing, well performing teams with a clear focus on creating value for the customer. Because this way of working gives better results. There are many explanations why agile works better. But we believe that this empowerment of teams over the hierarchical control is the most powerful factor. Teams are faster, want to deliver high quality, are versatile and are better able to handle change than hierarchical organizations based on command and control.

Moreover, we believe that people in such teams have the potential of being way happier and less subject to stress and burnout. And happier people, psychology found out, can find better solutions to problems, have a more open mind and are more creative and innovative.

This is why ADJUGO wants to help companies and organizations become more agile. We believe that agility has the great promise of creating a happier, more fulfilling work environment, based on self-organizing teams and supportive leadership .

In terms of SImon Sinek's Golden Circle, this our WHY... Now find out about our HOW.